Dishes for a healthy and healthy diet

Dishes for a healthy and healthy diet

When planning to lose weight or improve our health, the first thing we do is to start planning our diet. Choose your top waffle makers. However, we need to dig deeper, because it is important to choose not only healthy foods, but also the right utensils for a healthy diet. After all, what’s the point of gorging on broccoli if they’re liberally drizzled with a thick layer of butter?

Pressure cookers to the stove

This multi-story cookware is one of the easiest ways to cook delicious and healthy! The design is simple: water is poured into the bottom pan, and finely chopped foods are put into the following perforated compartments, then covered with a lid. Everything is very easy and simple. And there are a lot of advantages:

  • The food turns out low-calorie, because there is no oil in it.
  • It will not burn, so dishes will be easy to clean.
  • Also, the food maximally preserves vitamins and other useful elements.
  • Preserved and presentable appearance of the dish: the products remain bright and do not fall apart.
  • Not for nothing they say that dishes are not only healthy, but also delicious: they turn out juicy and fragrant.

Pressure cookers

Due to the fastest possible cooking time, products do not have time to be strongly thermally processed. Thanks to this, they retain their aroma, flavor and useful components. Food does not have time to boil and release the juice in the broth, it turns out rich and juicy.

This device has one advantage: you can spend minimum time on cooking and more attention to yourself, including sports! Here you can buy compact pressure cooker Bohmann BH 3509.

Unusual cookware for stewing

Stewing is one of the types of cooking that charmingly should be in the diet of those who started to eat right.

  • Tajins. Such utensils, which came to us from the Middle East, has not yet managed to become particularly popular. It reminds a wok, only with a cone-shaped lid. It can stew food without oil, making delicious and hearty dishes of vegetables, fish and meat. This cookware is suitable for both the stove and the oven.
  • Ceramic cocotte. This is a European cookware for stewing, which is most often covered with a tight lid. An example of this is the heart-shaped Gipfel MAJOLICA bowling pot. Thanks to this design, moisture collects on its inner side and then flows back down. Meat and vegetables get very juicy and delicious! It is possible to find ceramic variants and without a lid, but very stylish and practical.
  • Cauldrons. These are more usual and widespread dishes that came from the Caucasus. It is mostly used for making pilaf, stewing meat and vegetables. And you can not only stew the food, but also roast it.

In all of these crockery can be cooked at a temperature below boiling water, so they boil evenly and qualitatively. Vegetables retain their vitamins, and collagen fibers soften in the meat, after which it is better assimilated by the body.

Grill pan

Unlike regular pans, grill pans allow you to cook with less oil. You can simply go over the scalloped strips with an oil brush. There’s no point in pouring the rest of it on: the food won’t come into contact with it. All the juice and fat that will drip off the meat and fish during the process will also escape through the special grooves at the bottom of the cookware. The main thing is to choose a frying pan with high-quality non-stick coating that does not release harmful substances and maintain durability.

Multicookers with ceramic coating

First, it is best to buy this device with a bowl that has a non-stick coating and is made of quality ceramic.

Secondly, they include a large number of cooking modes, including useful options for stewing or steaming (for which a perforated insert is often added to the set). With such a product, you will have something to experiment with in the world of healthy and proper nutrition.

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