Death penalty for taking a selfie on the Thai beach of Mai Khao on the island of Phuket

Death penalty for taking a selfie on the Thai beach of Mai Khao on the island of Phuket

Specifically, the death penalty for taking a selfie on the Thai beach of Mai Khao on the island of Phuket.

The reason for establishing this sanction derives from the proximity of this tourist beach on the island of Phuket in Thailand to the airport, and to justify the hardness of these regulations, security reasons are adduced.

Given the widespread custom of posing and taking pictures on the beaches of the island of Phuket to upload them to Instagram and other networks, the attitudes of tourists are causing problems, since their poses, illuminations and other behaviors seem to be distracting the pilots and causing risk situations.

Given the proximity of the passage of the airplanes on the beach, there are many photos circulating in the network in which those that appear, play with the optical effect of doing as they touch the landing gear.

Hence the harsh sanction seems to derive, although not all punishable actions have the same death penalty. Obviously, directing laser lights to the cabins of the pilots or flying drones in the most dangerous and forbidden area does have the same consideration of very serious behavior and can carry the same penalty.

For other less serious behaviors, there are also less severe penalties such as fines of up to 40,000 baht equivalent to about 1,100 euros or prison sentences of between five and 20 years, established in the Air Aviation Act of 1978.

The exceptional thing about the news – regardless of the harshness of the sanction and that there is still the death penalty for behaviors as criminal as there – is on the one hand that has been included among the situations considered dangerous for pilots to be photos on a nearby beach , and on the other, not having disclosed them conveniently, because it seems that only the inhabitants of Thailand have learned and not their visitors, who today still take pictures that could lead them to suffer such a heavy penalty.

In any case, this type of news should make travelers reflect, especially those that go to countries of other cultural contexts, to be informed about their customs, laws, and penalties, since sadly every year news of citizens imprisoned in countries far away from behaviors that in our country would not have been so serious.

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