During Holy Week you will not be able to visit the Cíes Islands without authorization

During Holy Week you will not be able to visit the Cíes Islands without authorization

Article by Frank Henderson website. Arriving and presuming that we have spent a day on a paradisiacal beach is what you can most like… but if everyone decides to do it at the same time and without control none of that will continue to exist. And with all this, we get to where you have to go, that this Holy Week you can no longer visit the Cies Islands if you do not have authorization.

A protected ecosystem, with unique natural species, crystal clear waters and one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is the National Park das Illas Atlánticas, which last year was worse than the first day of sales, with hordes of people arriving in boats and others running out of traveling due to excess tickets. It had to be fixed.

The Cíes Islands (Monte Agudo, O Faro, and San Martiño) form a paradise of paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear waters that are an observatory of unique fauna and flora. The first two islands are joined by the beach of Rhodes, which according to The Guardian is the best in the world. One can go on a day trip or even spend a weekend camping.

Sounds fantastic right? For last summer they became hell in a few days. The supposedly limited daily visits were already doubled in a single trip, more crowded than the Benidorm beach in the middle of August. Measures were taken then, the shipping companies were sanctioned and solutions were sought.

In anticipation of the high attendance of Holy Week that the Xunta de Galiciaarrives from this week activates a digital platform to obtain an access authorization to the Cíes Islands. All those interested in visiting the National Park das Illas Atlánticas may request the issuance of a personal and non-transferable authorization on the website. This implies that authorized shipping companies may only issue tickets to those who have the mandatory authorization for that day.

In addition, in the three ports of departure to Cíes (Vigo, Baiona and Cangas) there will be controllers-informants who will be identified and will have QR code reading devices to verify their validity. There will also be one in the port of Rhodes, to identify people on arrival. When the permission is requested it will be with name, surname, ID, sex and year of birth and later the authorization will arrive by email or it can be downloaded from the website itself.

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