Getaway to Isla on the occasion of the Lobster Days of Astuy

Getaway to Isla on the occasion of the Lobster Days of Astuy

If we add an exceptional product like lobster to the beauty of the surroundings, we already have the perfect excuse to get closer to enjoying a getaway to Isla on the occasion of the Lobster Days of Astley


For eleven years, the Astuy hotel celebrates the Lobster Days with a very tasty tasting Menu based on lobster and offers for accommodation that includes the Menu sleeping in the Hotel, Apartment or in a Junior Suite and buffet breakfast.

Visit Island

Located in the Cantabrian coastal area near the Basque Country, Isla, Noja, Ajo or Castrourdiales are very visited towns in the summer season. After the summer period, many of these cities lose some population and visits and these initiatives are good to encourage tourism in the area, which remains beautiful throughout the year.

Between the beaches of Quejo and the main one of Juan Hormaechea Avenue, the Hotel City is perfectly located, and the views of its rooms are really haunting. Waking up with those views or enjoying the amplitude of the tides is really overwhelming in this area of ​​the northern peninsula.

In the area, we have many tourist attractions, natural parks, municipalities full of history, and emblematic products such as SantoΓ±a anchovies and other nearby Cantabrian products such as Pasiega Quesada, and many other delicious foods.

A little history

It was the great-grandfather of Emeritus Astuy, current owner and director of the City Hotel, a Basque who dedicated himself to lobster fishing, who had the vision of making a nursery or cetacea to keep his catches alive, feed them and thus dispose of them throughout the year.

After him, the grandparents – already born in Isla-, had the idea of setting up a restaurant to give out lobsters, beyond selling them as a product. With the “pantry” full of these delicacies, they would have no problem selling both cooked and grilled lobsters.

Since then, the Astuy family has continued with the restaurant and hotel business, giving a boost to the locality of Isla and a recognition of the quality of the local produce, the lobster of Isla, thin, of smooth and large meats. Emeritus’s father and the current manager, Emeritus Astuy Jr., continue to maintain the success of this formula.

A lobster barely grows 100g a year, so when we find copies of 2, 3, and up to 6 kg, we are talking about very long-lived specimens. There is no room for fattening or baiting lobsters to accelerate this process, so this business is an investment of years and years, almost from generation to generation.

The Tasting Menu of the Lobster Days 2018

Each year, the family of Emeritus Astuy prepares the tasting menu that will serve during the Lobster days. In this XI edition, the menu consists of a salad of beautifully pickled slices and pickled vegetables, a cream of boletus and truffles, a sorbet of lemons from Novales, the cooked or grilled lobster of Isla, and for dessert the famous Flamed house souffle.

The menu comes out for 55 euros per person, but there are offers for two people with accommodation that further reduce this price. From October 19 to November 18, you can approach Isla, discover its charms and enjoy a surprising menu of the Lobster Days in Astuy, in which this crustacean is the main ingredient.

I think that the beauty of Isla in Cantabria, the large number of nearby towns of great tourist and gastronomic interest as well as the celebration of the Lobster Days, makes this destination very attractive for an upcoming getaway.

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