How can you get off the plane with just one shoe?

How can you get off the plane with just one shoe?

From the moment the plane touches the ground, something inside most of the passengers starts up, triggering the urge to get off.

We understand that feeling of wanting to take off the metal box that brought you flying but … how do you get off the plane with a single shoe leaving the other under your seat?

That is one of the many questions we can ask ourselves by looking at the quantity and variety of forgotten objects on a flight. We could ask ourselves how to forget your reading glasses or your baby’s chair, for example. Anyone who has walked through an empty airplane corridor, minutes after the passage has disembarked, will be able to verify that the rush to descend clouds our memory.

You forget the book that seconds before you had in your hand, the suitcase you kept on your head, the jacket or the raincoat that sheltered you when you entered, etc. The deposits airlines are full of the most diverse common objects: watches, hats, drugs. And not so common and that for their value we would think they deserve more special attention from their owners: e-book readers, jewelry, computers, for example.

The photo that illustrates the post is a sample of what can be found in the Southwest Airlines depot where everything lost on its flights is gathered. Airports are also places where laptops are lost, for example.

Once again we remember that we must be very careful with our personal objects, pay attention to the pieces we carry with us at all times and take certain moments of the trip with special care and attention. Also, do not rush to get off the plane, even if you leave everything behind … you will not leave before.

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