MEGA: the beer museum opens in A Coruña (and reaches the five senses)

MEGA: the beer museum opens in A Coruña (and reaches the five senses)

And without a doubt, he has many followers willing to know more about its history and elaboration. The MEGA Beer Museum will open at the Estrella Galicia brewery in A Coruña.

In more than 2500 square meters visitors will learn about the history of this sacred drink, the artisan processes that are carried out in the factory to make the different varieties of beer, taste the different types of barley and the aromas of hops…

In the old hip room you can see the product that is made at that time, only a small part of the process. Or, taking a leap to the final phase, we will be able to see the historical bottles that have kept beer, the different advertising campaigns…

The opening will take place on June 19, 19-06, recalling the year 1906, which was when the company was founded. The visit to the museum aims to attract experts and laymen in the drink, with a tour that honors beer through the five senses. For the elderly, a tasting at the end.

It is not the first museum dedicated to beer in the world ( here we talk about ten beer museums in Europe ), something logical considering that it is one of the oldest fermented beverages of mankind and has many fans. In Spain, you can visit the Zaragozana factory in Zaragoza, whose most popular variety is known as “Amber”.

In this case, MEGA (Mundo Estrella Galicia) takes us to Galicia to see the temple of the beer of La Coruña, par excellence, the culmination of a project that has suffered several delays but finally sees the light on a special date. In the heart of the museum, the large cooking vats, which are also protagonists of the museum’s logo.

There is also an interactive area to follow 3D events sponsored by the brand: thanks to virtual reality glasses, different concerts and festivals are revived.

The visit can be completed with a beer workshop taught by experts, in which you can directly access the tasting room. In short, the tour combines the experience with the dissemination, allowing us to see in situ some of the real points of the production process.

Tickets are already on sale from the Estrella Galicia website and there are three possibilities for visiting:

  • Free visit to the eight sectors of MEGA. Free access to all exhibition and interactive resources. It includes a tasting of five types of Estrella Galicia beer or a cane. The free visit costs 15 euros (reduced for students, children, groups … 10 euros).
  • Guided tour of 90 minutes in the eight sectors of MEGA. Access accompanied by a guide to all the exhibition and interactive resources. It includes a tasting of five types of Estrella Galicia beer and a cane. The guided tour amounts to 20 euros (reduced, 15 euros).
  • 50-minute brewery in which the participant will deepen the world of beer tasting by playing with the five senses. A sensory workshop in which beer is the protagonist and three different beers are tasted. It costs 15 euros.

Mundo Estrella Galicia opens from Tuesday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (last access 5:30 p.m.); Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (last access: 6:30 p.m.).

Last summer the factory could be known and from now on the MEGA Beer Museum opens in A Coruña, to all audiences, expanding the city’s museum offer.

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