One of the best beaches in Spain on the verge of closure

One of the best beaches in Spain on the verge of closure

The Xunta has requested a preventive closure of the caves, corridors, caves, and arches due to falls and landslides of blocks and stones that could pose a serious danger to people.

Praia das Catedrais is a paradise and a great tourist attraction of Galicia. In addition, it is considered one of the best beaches in our country and Europe. Unfortunately, the beach of the Cathedrals could close. A preliminary report of the Civil EnxeΓ±arΓ­a de Galicia Foundation warns of the danger of falling stones or blocks of various sizes in several areas of the beach.

The report has been commissioned by the Ministry of Environment after the accident occurred during the month of March when a tourist died due to the detachment of a stone. The conclusions of the study have prompted the Xunta to close the arches, corridors, cafes etc of the beach of the Cathedrals.

At first, the government blamed the death of the young woman to a fortuitous accident, but the technical report has detected a serious risk of landslides that can jeopardize the safety of tourists visiting the area. The danger is greater under the caves, the coastal arches and the corridors, areas that are the most visited by tourists.

The conclusions about the current state of the beach are preliminary, so you have to wait until the study is more advanced. While the complete and definitive study is not available, the Xunta believes that it is best to ask the government of Spain to adopt different measures to guarantee the safety of tourists and people visiting the famous beach.

These measures may be the total prohibition of access to the most conflictive areas. The Xunta has commented that its powers on the beach are limited to the environmental and conservation protection of the monument, but that the Demarcation of Coasts is the one that “can take the necessary preventive police measures to guarantee the safety of potential visitors; and subsidiary form, the City Council of Ribadeo, as the Administration responsible for public security. ”

In high season, access to the beach is limited to 5,000 people a day, so it was not so ‘easy’ to visit it, but with the new measures, it will be much more complicated. We hope that a solution will be found soon to fully enjoy this magnificent natural monument without worrying about our safety.

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