Road companions: face September with small getaways or big trips

Road companions: face September with small getaways or big trips

For others, it is the beginning or simply a new month in which to schedule breaks with which to cope with daily life. To help us with all these things are our Road Partners who take care that we can face September with small getaways or trips in a big way.

Of course, as we always say, we do this thanks to what you tell us, so if you have a travel page or you are readers of one that we have not yet found, tell us and we will value your inclusion in next Sundays. We go there with what we have found for today.

  • September arrives and we always get a tremendous downturn about the “back to school”, so find us at Next stop: the moon a beautiful post of Ten reasons to love autumn always encourages us to stop.
  • That the same thing we need to cope with the return to the routines are trips here nearby and that teach us Curiosities and legends of the Alhambra in Granada from the corner of Where we are going Eva always makes us think of a delicious getaway to Andalusia.
  • That who says Andalusia says to cross the border and visit Portugal, the fashion destination. There is no reason to keep the big names, because near Porto there are wonderful places to visit and that Patoneando discovers.
  • Or without crossing the border and staying in Castilla y LeΓ³n to discover the Castillo de las Cuevas, the only one in Burgos that has just visited Netikerty de AndΓ©n 27 and takes the opportunity to put on long teeth.
  • If you are one of those who have not yet enjoyed the holidays and still have a beach monkey, you are interested in knowing which are the best beaches of Kho Tao, which has already been selected by La BitΓ‘cora Viajera.
  • Although the same thing we want is to play everything on a card and go as far as New Zealand, all month, so it is interesting to see what they have in 7 bags of their trip to New Zealand: Wakana and Queenstown

We remind you that our contact form is always there for you to tell us what you do or give us wonderful ideas. Travel, have fun, see the world, be happy … and tell us, of course.

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