Road companions: what matters to us is to take our bags and see the world

Road companions: what matters to us is to take our bags and see the world

In full heatwave, which I hope you are already well protected, whether on the beach or in a good shade that shelters you, we are already one more Sunday here to tell you what has caught our attention in the logbooks of our Partners Route. There is everything, as in pharmacy. From beaches to viewpoints, to charming villages, through large cities that overwhelm us, but what matters to us is to take our bags and see the world.

Like every week we remind you that we do this thanks to what you tell us, so if you have a travel page or you are readers of one that we have not yet discovered, tell us and we will value your inclusion in next Sundays.

  • With these moments of beaches and crowded vacation spots, everything Itziar tells us about Touring the Planet about Puerto Princesa seems wonderful to us.
  • Let’s continue in Asia and don’t miss a single piece of advice from Enrique Fernรกndez’s Bangkok Travel Guide on Traveling without a Course. Of course, no detail is missing.
  • That the same we are getting confused and as Rebeca Serna tells in Travelers 30 the best beaches are in Albania and paradise is the Albanian Riviera. Of course, we want to go to see the photos.
  • Those Eastern countries that we are not yet exploiting. Marina Soriano, of Traveler Digital, used Cluj-Napoca as a gateway to Transylvania and presents a delicious vision of one of the most important cities in Romania.
  • If you have to escape to an island that offers us nature and beaches, better follow the advice of Millan Dasairas and not miss a single one of the best Viewpoints of Madeira
  • We finish with Marisol and Alberto, East by the West, who as good lovers of Portugal tell us what a day and a night in ร“bidos are.

We remind you that our contact form is always there for you to tell us what you do or give us wonderful ideas. Travel, have fun, see the world, be happy … and tell us, of course.

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