The cheap and charming trams of Hong Kong

The cheap and charming trams of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong tram gives the city a very endearing air. I recommend it to all travelers, as it is very economical and a relaxed way to get to know this chaotic city.

In fact, the team can only be taken in the north of the island of Hong Kong, one of the most colorful and authentic areas of the city, so you will enjoy magnificent views from the second floor of the vehicle.

The Hong Kong tram service is an entire institution since it was founded in 1904. Now the fleet is completely renewed and there are huge advertisements from leading global firms. Not even romanticism resists the strong momentum of the Hong Kong dollar.

The service only has 1 4.4 kilometers of roads. They actually cover the route that goes from Kennedy Town in the Western District to Shau Kei Wan in the east of the island. It is the best way to cross the island of Hong Kong from end to end and in a few minutes.

As if all this were not enough, its price is unbeatable. Getting on the trams in Hong Kong costs 2.30 HKD, that is, 20 euro cents. And that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

In case you want to enjoy the experience, you should know that the tram is taken from the rear. It is when you leave when you must put the 2.3 HKD in a box. I recommend that you bring the right amount because they do not give change.

The tram route through this part of Central can easily be done on foot. However, it is very interesting that you take, at least once, the tram and see the city from the front seats of the second floor of the tram.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the beautiful skyscrapers and luxurious shops on Des Voeux Road. When you get off, you can look for the most authentic Hong Kong in Sheung Wan.

So are the cheap and charming trams of Hong Kong, you will hardly find such a fascinating ride for so little money. That has a lot of merits.

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