The five most impressive islands of Honduras

The five most impressive islands of Honduras

Honduras has an incomparable natural beauty, paradisiacal beaches, virgin nature, archaeological remains… One of its biggest attractions is its islands, and in Diario del Viajero we have chosen the five most impressive islands in the country, do not miss it !.

Roatan, Bay Islands

RoatΓ‘n is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world thanks to its landscapes with a turquoise blue horizon and mountains covered with rainforest. The rich and bio-rich reefs delight any diving lover. Its beaches stand out for the ivory sand and for its crystal clear waters.

Utila, Bay Islands

Utila is a natural paradise and an impressive place for diving. It has the largest coral reef in America. Utila also stands out for having a reserve of mangroves, wetlands and tropical savannas. In addition, it is the home of the swamper, an iguana endemic to the island. It is one of the safest and cheapest places in the world to obtain PADI diving licenses of all levels. Being able to dive in the Mesoamerican Reef is a unique experience.

Guanaja, Bay Islands

Guanaja or “Isla de Los Pinos” (that’s what Cristobal ColΓ³n called it) is one of the three islands that make up the archipelago Department of Islas de la BahΓ­a. Guanaja has five elements that make it a very attractive destination: marine and underwater beauty, adventure, tranquility and pirate ships. Its coast was a hiding place for Spanish and English pirates and is planted with shipwrecks. “The way in which Guanaja is integrated into the 700 km of coral reef bar of the Mesoamerican Reef” offers divers a different place for diving, as there are areas with a lot of depth. The city of Bonacci in Guanaja is known as the Venice of Honduras because its streets are actually canals.

Cayos Cochinos, Bay Islands

The Cayos Cochinos is a group of islands that are formed by two small islands and 13 smaller cays of coral origin. The Caribbean Sea envelops these islands to make them a paradise. Cayos Cochinos has great natural wealth, incredible beaches and a rich underwater life. Its coral reefs are part of the second-largest reef in the world, and the ideal place for snorkeling. Of course, its white-sand beaches and its crystal clear and warm waters will make you fall in love.

Amapala, Valley

Amapala is the only Central American island that has been capital. In addition, it was the fortress of pirate Drake in the sixteenth century and the main Honduran port of the Pacific until the early nineteenth. Part of the historic center of the city was restored by Andalusian cooperators. Amapala is surrounded by stunning mountains that will delight those who want to hike or enjoy spectacular views. The sunsets from Impala are unique. Finally, do not forget to visit its best beach: Playa Grande.

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