The longest bus in the world with more than 200 seats

The longest bus in the world with more than 200 seats

In Dresden, they are about to launch the world’s longest bus, the AutoTram extra Grand. This giant of the road can get to transport a whopping 256 passengers.

One of the curious details is that the bus is that in Germany the authorities will not require any type of special permit for driving. Its operation is similar to the trams that run through some European cities.

This mobile monstrous has been designed and built by the Fraunhofer Institute of Transport and Infrastructure in Dresden and will be ready to make its debut in the congested traffic of the German city next October.

By being able to transport a large number of people, it will have a good impact on the environment. At present, the project authorities indicate that they are having many consultations from other cities in the world to incorporate this technology since there is a tendency to reduce public transport without affecting more environmental pollution.

Do you think the bus is a good idea?

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