The Louvre changes to the Mona Lisa room and unleashes chaos

The Louvre changes to the Mona Lisa room and unleashes chaos

Yesterday the museum changed to the Mona Lisa room and the most absolute chaos broke out. If before it was difficult to be able to admire it with comfort now it is necessary to overcome a thousand hardships to continue approaching.

The works in the Hall of States, which is the usual “accommodation” of the painting and the need to relocate the most visited work of the museum generated the whole problem. It was believed that it would be improved and that a suitable place for its category and number of visitors had been found in the Médicis Gallery, but it resulted in the most absolute of disasters. A sort of chaos day at the Paris museum and we hope to solve it soon.

To ensure the smooth progress of the renovation work in the Hall of the States and maintain the optimal conditions of visit, the Louvre Museum has decided to temporarily transfer the Mona Lisa to the Médicis Gallery.

These were the words that the Louvre authorities used in the statement, which clearly showed the good intentions that the visiting conditions were the best, but it is seen that the matter was out of control.

The picture has become in the same protective cabinet with temperature control and bulletproof that was specially manufactured long ago. The Médicis Gallery now places it in an environment surrounded by huge paintings by Rubens that provides a curious contrast with the small size of the Mona Lisa.

To control people, a zig-zag of separating tapes has been placed throughout the room , in the style of airport queue controls, to avoid those cavities that formed in their previous location and thus, each one in your order can observe it and take out those hateful selfies and incomprehensible photos, there is a wonderful postcard in the museum shop for a small fee.

The appearance that the room looked before the opening was quite adequate and at least curious due to the organization of all the tapes occupying the space. It is one of the largest rooms in the entire museum, so the transfer was with all good intentions to house the largest number of people. That is being a lot, in general, throughout the museum.

The works in the Hall of the States seek to improve the lighting and protection of the Mona Lisa and also value the rest of the work that accompanies it, repainting the walls of more vivid colors so that the Titian, Veronese or Tintoretto have the bearing they need. All have been removed except for ‘Las Bodas de Caná “, the largest in the entire museum, which cannot be moved and is under the appropriate conservation measures.

And here you have chaos. Queues of more than an hour to get a few seconds closer to the work of Leonardo da Vinci and once in front shouts of the guards so that people do not stop long enough. People waiting even for the escalators that stood still. A museum at the service of a single work since to see who is the one who loses his order to observe some of the masterpieces.

I recognize the attraction generated by the work, something that we should all see around once in a lifetime. The attraction generated by this museum and the rest of its funds (choose only one work?) Such as the Victory of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo, any painting … and the increase in tourism has already generated problems in recent months. .. hopefully not die of success because it deserves a leisurely visit. Lisa Gherardini’s beautiful smile, La Mona Lisa, will be in this location until mid-October.

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