The Thyssen Museum becomes an “easy museum” and opens a reading guide for its collection

The Thyssen Museum becomes an “easy museum” and opens a reading guide for its collection

Many people who enjoy museums would like to have some kind of support that will help them understand the pictures, their contextualization, what they see and why they see it because the posters that appear next to the works do not They are usually enough.

To do this, and to enhance cognitive accessibility, the Thyssen Museum becomes an “easy museum” and opens an easy reading guide for its collection.

The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum has just presented the Easy Museum, the first easy-to-read guide that has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Iberdrola Spain Foundation. From now on, the visit to the museum will be easier, more open, easier for many people.

Easy reading consists of textual, visual or design adaptation of publications, whose purpose is to enhance cognitive accessibility. Therefore, to create an easy museum, a work team has been formed with people with reading comprehension difficulties belonging to various groups that have participated in the selection and validation of content. This group of collaborators has raised the visit to the museum as a trip and at each stop you can discover an artist and a work from the collection, from Ghirlandaio to Popova, passing through Van Gogh or Hopper, to make a tour as interesting as possible.

Easy Museum is a project of the Education Area of ​​the Thyssen Museum and AMAS FΓ‘cil (easy reading service of Grupo AMAS), in which Qurtuba Editores (company specialized in works related to easy reading) has collaborated, and which has had the participation of the FundaciΓ³n Secretariado Gitano and the Great Friends Foundation. People with intellectual disabilities, elders, migrants, and people of gypsy ethnicity have actively collaborated in the process of literacy. It seeks to bring the museum closer to everyone, make it understandable to everyone, not just a few. A great initiative that we applaud from here.

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