Volleyball shoes. How to choose?

Volleyball shoes. How to choose?

Which sneakers to choose?

Watch volleyball tournaments in the Champions League or World Cup – most athletes choose footwear from Japanese manufacturers Mizuno and Asics. Choose the best volleyball shoes for hitters.

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes and Asix Volleyball Shoes are the product of specialized high-tech developments.

Each brand has its own proprietary technologies that distinguish it from the rest. The acclaimed Asics Gel technology, thanks to a special type of silicone in the heel and forefoot, provides excellent cushioning and helps to mitigate the shock to the foot, spine, and knees when landing.

The key technology of Mizuno footwear is the Wave technology. The wave-shaped design allows the shock to travel more evenly along the entire length of the outsole, providing the athlete with a comfortable ride on the court with less energy.

The Mizuno volleyball shoe is lighter yet more rigid when landing. Asics has more cushioning for a more comfortable landing, but slightly more weight.

The ventilation system plays a very important role in volleyball shoes. Both Asics and Mizuno use a special breathable mesh for the upper part of the sneaker, which allows air to pass through freely, providing the foot with oxygen. In addition to the breathable mesh, Mizuno sneakers use Intercool technology, a ventilation system in the outsole that provides moisture and temperature control through special ventilation channels.

Volleyball shoes are also made by Nike and Adidas, but for these brands, volleyball is not the main specialty. Note that Nike was the first to use the Footbridge Device technology, which makes it possible to slow down and maximally control the speed of placing the outer part of the foot to distribute the load, which guarantees volleyball players an increased level of safety during the game.


Before you buy volleyball shoes, take the time to try on your shoes. It may even be worthwhile to come to the store several times in order to take your time to make a choice.

Don’t buy close-up sneakers. The foot inside will move slightly, so you need to provide a margin in front of the thumb of about one centimeter. By the way, professional volleyball shoes do not have a gap between the top of the shoe and the toes.

It is better to choose sneakers in the evening when the leg is somewhat swollen during the day. In the morning, the volume of the foot is less and the sneakers bought in the morning may then turn out to be small.

Brand, color, seller recommendations, promotional articles, beautiful photos – it’s all from the head. Remember, your feet should make the buying decision, when you find your pair of volleyball shoes – you will feel it.

What tasks should volleyball shoes solve:

  • to provide good grip with the surface, not to slip, help the volleyball player to push off with high quality when taking off and jumping;
  • to amortize the impact force when the athlete lands after jumping;
  • reduce the load on the ankle, knee joints, and spine, protect from injury;
  • provide long-term comfort through foot ventilation and moisture management;
  • quickly respond to all movements of the athlete, return to the original form.


Sneakers should have a thick, embossed sole.

The outsole should be made of a tough but flexible, lightweight, and durable material such as carbon rubber, unfilled rubber, or rubber.

The sole at the heel of the shoe should be thicker than at the toe, can be equipped with gel inserts and / or air dampers.

Top of sneakers

Volleyball matches can take a long time, so it’s important that your feet are comfortable.

A natural or faux leather upper with mesh inserts are the best option for your feet to breathe.

Usually, volleyball shoes use elastic laces, and inside the shoe, it finds foam rubber so that the foot does not dangle – check that the fit is tight, but the foot is not overly compressed.

The professional models have a lock to keep the laces from coming loose on the court.

Fixation system

Sneakers may vary in boot height. High and medium ones better fix the ankle joint, the hardback will provide a clear fixation of the foot in the shoe, protect you from dislocations and sprains.


Foam composite insoles conform to the shape of the foot, are antibacterial, and prevent the foot from slipping inside the shoe. If sneakers have removable insoles, they can be replaced with new ones or just more comfortable ones.


Volleyball shoes shouldn’t be heavy. The average weight of women’s sneakers is about 300 grams, men’s ones 350-400 grams.


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